Join our international team and bring the joy of sustainable trade to everyone.


Join our international team and bring the joy of sustainable trade to everyone.

Germany’s No 1 platform to connect, buy, sell, or simply give away items.

  • 2009 Start of eBay Kleinanzeigen journey
  • >100 Mio App downloads since then**
  • >35 Mio Monthly unique users***

We help people finding whatever they’re looking for in their local communities – whether it’s a sofa, a concert ticket, a car, an apartment, a job, a pet sitter, financial services or even new friends. Every connection made or item found makes a difference by creating a world where people share more and waste less.

How we work together

We bring the best of all worlds together: a beloved brand, awesome colleagues and a business model with societal impact: sustainability.

We work in cross-functional teams and improve our platform with solutions that address our customer's needs. Every team contains of members from Tech, Product, UX and Design, Marketing, Analytics and other backgrounds.

At the same time everyone is part of a functional community to share expertise amongst peers. Colleagues are also encouraged to join "guilds" and "clubs" where they can focus on specific areas of interest, which gives them a chance to experiment and implement their ideas in a fun, but still professional setting.

Around 250 amazing people work at eBay Kleinanzeigen. Learn more about our job families and explore open positions.


We are a world-class tech team that operates at a very large scale and manages a huge amount of data. As engineers and developers, architects and testers we are the key to our success.

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Product, Design & Research

Users love our product and so do we. We are responsible for the look and feel and put our heart and soul into every feature.

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We love creative problem solving. We craft the future of our platform by translating data into ideas and turning insights into recommendations.

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We ensure value-added advertisting. The key is to avoid annoying the users as much as possible while simultaneously providing them with the highest quality content we can. Browsing our platform should always be a fun experience.

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Marketing & PR

We are the accelerators of our users' success: we find the right people, at the right time and address them in the right way to benefit each other and our planet.

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We create transparency and provide insights and into our financials and metrics. We work collaboratively with all teams to drive the best business outcomes.

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Sales & Business Development

We drive the business of our vertical categories (Real Estate, Motors, more to come) and horizontal proposition (Commercial Customers).

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Customer Service

We help to build customer engagement and loyalty by listening to customer feedback and providing timely and responsive support.

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Cutting-edge legal issues and e-commerce - best combination ever. As the in-house Legal Department we sit with and act as true partners.

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Trainee Programme

For motivated individuals who are open to learn and grow, we are offering a unique experience: A 24-month-long Trainee Programme for graduates, non-graduates and career changers which gives you the chance to work at eBay Kleinanzeigen, and Adevinta*.

We are offering you trainee positions in Tech, Product, UX Design, Analytics, Advertising or Marketing starting from October 2022. Based on your choice, you will specialise in your profession throughout rotations in our three companies and various teams in Berlin, Dreilinden and either Amsterdam or Barcelona.

As a trainee, an exciting journey awaits you with peer to peer networking and guidance from your people manager and a personal mentor. You will benefit from a phenomenal atmosphere based on trust and honesty and a forward-thinking company culture with several social team activities. We provide a competitive compensation package with the opportunity for flexible and remote work.

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Our Culture

Our culture is unique and is what has made us successful. Flexible like a start-up, yet part of the global Adevinta* family, our team values the entrepreneurial spirit, embodies a “can-do” attitude, and celebrates each other’s contributions. Learn about our four values and the way we work together, which all colleagues had a part in defining from the bottom up.

  • We succeed, fail and learn together

    No one wins or loses on their own. We are one team. We communicate openly and honestly across hierarchies with trust and respect for each other. We don't point a finger when something goes wrong. Instead we learn from it and improve together.

  • We are the customer

    We love and constantly use our own platform. We talk to our customers and rigorously evaluate how we can get better to make our users happy and build on our purpose.

  • We meet challenges with agility

    We see changes and failures as opportunities to improve and face challenges head-on. We work in a pragmatic, iterative and cross-functional way to be able to react quickly to an evolving world and to our customer's needs.

  • We are united in diversity

    We’re a diverse team where everybody is unique. We live inclusion in everything we do and embrace different ways of thinking, working and living to reach the common goal of making our customers happy.

Nikita, Software Engineer
Joined 2019

My first contact with ebay Kleinanzeigen was at a career-fair in Berlin. I immediately liked the company because of its spirit, purpose and culture. I also remember how impressed I was when I first visited our lovely campus in Dreilinden during my on-site interview. I saw happy people who looked like they truly enjoyed being a part of the company. That was when I decided I want to work here.

Read more about Nikita here

Lena, Team Lead C2C Analytics
Joined 2016

When I returned from maternity leave, I decided to change to a 30-hour work week and regardless was offered a team lead position, which I still consider an amazing opportunity and trust put in me. It was a big challenge for me to manage my own expectations. My analytics team and my cross-functional project team have been very considerate in scheduling meetings and planning to accommodate my part-time situation. Everyone supported me during this phase. We have many employees who returned from parental leave recently, or who have older kids. The understanding, the flexibility offered and the experience exchanges among us helps a lot, especially in challenging times during Corona with kids at home and juggling work at once.

Read more about Lena here

Amir, Senior Product Designer
Joined 2018

eBay Kleinanzeigen is a well-known brand and more than once I’ve seen people on their smartphone browsing our app and looking for something new to buy while using public transportation. It always puts a smile on my face and it fills me with joy every time. The amount of influence we have is just unbelievable. We really solve people’s problems, helping them to find what they need or to pass on an item they no longer need to someone else around them. For me, this is everything. We help the community and the environment at the same time, and there is no better feeling than that.

Read more about Amir here

Clarissa, Business Development Manager
Joined 2018

I feel proud to be working at a company that practises equality and diversity in the workplace and focuses on developing and empowering women. Because one big reason for our success comes from the fact that we have a good gender balance in most of the teams – and also in leadership positions.

Read more about Clarissa here

Jo-Anna, Legal Counsel
Joined 2018

What I love about my job is definitely getting to work with the different teams. Through my job as Legal Counsel, I have insight into almost all areas and teams, and I get to work with many different people and characters, even across national borders. The job is very varied, and I often have to deal with unfamiliar legal matters. Not one day is like the other. I really enjoy being part of an international team and solving a variety of legal problems together with my colleagues.

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Kabeer, SEO and Online Marketing Manager
Joined 2020

We have a very unique and amazing culture at eBay Kleinanzeigen, with a high level of trust and respect for each other. I can say - without doubt - it’s a great place to work. Our strong cross-functional team setup ensures that we contribute to common objectives together, and in the end deliver a high quality product.

Read more about Kabeer here

Ronny, Consumer Process Manager
Joined 2012

The opportunity to learn a lot of new things and develop personally made me start working at eBay Kleinanzeigen in the first place. Even though we have grown enormously as a company since then, I feel exactly the same every day as I did when I started years ago. I appreciate the funny and open exchanges I have with my team members. However, for me the last two years were the most enjoyable, as I got the opportunity to develop further in process management and was able to take on new, exciting tasks. All the things that I learned over the years are now coming together and helping me to be successful.

Read more about Ronny here

Serhan, Head of Advertising
Joined 2014

When candidates ask me to describe our company culture, I reply: We are bold and encourage others to express themselves and to work and make decisions independently. I'm happy for my team to make all kinds of mistakes. All risks are manageable. Make your mistakes, make them fast, and learn from them. In my last job, they gave me the nickname “Red Button Guy” because I always tried things first instead of asking. I learned so much more that way, it's so much better than endlessly talking things through beforehand.

Read more about Serhan here

Christiane, Manager Software Development
Joined 2016

Even in times of growth, we strive to keep our teams small and autonomous, so that everyone feels empowered to directly create value for our users. Flat hierarchies are not just an empty phrase for us; open communication and team spirit are at the heart of the things we do. This is an environment that I love and that I will work on maintaining!

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We own a little forest
Means together with Treedom we planted 2.200 trees across eight countries over the globe

We have a sweet tooth
And 120 cakes eaten per year should be proof enough.

We are multinational
Because 30 countries and four continents are represented here.

Why join us?

We believe that work is what you do, not where you do it. We provide flexible work, where teams decide which key moments they want to spend in the office.

Our people really do come first. Four weeks work-from-anywhere per year, part-time work, plus an additional three months fully-paid parental leave time show that we offer a great work-life balance.

We believe in growing our people. We offer lots of development opportunities, a budget for team members and 10% slack time for pet-projects. Being part of Adevinta* also gives you global career opportunities.

Our culture is the glue that holds us together. Regular social team activities (online and offline) make it easy stay connected. On our Campus we enjoy having lunch together, walking around our little pond or meeting at the gym.

We know that our people are the key to our success. Aside from a competitive salary, we offer a pension scheme, an incentive plan that's dependent on what department you are working in, relocation support and more.

Application process

As said, people come first and so do candidates. We try to respond to your application as quickly as possible.

The next steps vary from role-to-role. But the process generally includes a phone call with a recruiter to get to know you a bit better and to clarify your availability and salary expectations. Of course you will have a video interview with the hiring manager and other team members. Depending on the job category you are applying for, expect a coding challenge or case study.

We also put a high value on culture. This means we evaluate candidates according to specific competencies and behaviours, and think about what they can add to the company culture.

Sustainability at eBay Kleinanzeigen

Creating a place for a circular economy is at the heart of eBay Kleinanzeigen’s business model. But did you also know that sustainability for us means having a wider social and environmental responsibility?

Through employee engagement and our great reach across Germany, we support actions like Fridays for Future, Earth Day and Earth Hour, fight cybergrooming and care for homeless people. Our office runs on 100% renewable energy, our marketing communication is already carbon neutral through GoldStandard and Plan Vivo project offsetting. Our team of engaged colleagues is constantly looking at how to be more sustainable as a business and in our personal lives. In order to have a clean campus, we have recycling stations and take part in an annual campus spring cleaning.

Despite being a German brand for people living in Germany, the team is very international and inclusive. People behave very professionally and it is one of the most non-toxic and transparent working environments I've ever worked in.

* eBay Kleinanzeigen is part of Adevinta, an innovative leader and global classifieds specialist, with online marketplaces in 15 countries. Through technology, talent and trusted brands, Adevinta creates perfect matches that help everyone and everything find a new purpose, supporting sustainable consumption.

** Source: eBay Kleinanzeigen App Downloads since September 2009

*** Source: AGOF daily digital facts