Interview with Serhan Günes

At eBay Kleinanzeigen, we love diversity. And when Serhan told us, that he wanted to become a comic book store owner, we knew there was more to it: As a big comic book fan, he is convinced that everyone has their own super powers that only need to be discovered. He loves helping his team to raise an awareness of their own skills and then use them to the best. And coming from a great patchwork family, Serhan knows that the best way to learn is to take risks.

What did you want to become when you were a child?

At first I wanted to be a bus driver, but unfortunately my brother got there first. Then I wanted to be a comic book store owner because comics and superheroes always fascinated me. That’s why my team here ended up being known as “The Advengers”.

What did you last buy / sell on eBay Kleinanzeigen?

I used it to sell my Mini Countryman last summer and just a week ago I managed to get an iPhone 7 for my older son through it.

Do you feel differences in working with men and women? / Do you think there are gender differences in the workplace?

Yes, unfortunately, and I wish we were already in a place where it was no longer necessary to talk about things like equal pay and the proportion of women in management, I wish they were just a matter of course and not something that needs to be specifically addressed. At eBay we guarantee these things by offering both women and men the exact same career opportunities. We welcome the fact, for example, that just as many men as women are now applying for parental leave with us.

How do you encourage your team – both as individuals and as a team?

With lots of encouragement of self-expression as well as independent working and decision making. I'm happy for my team to make all kinds of mistakes. All risks are manageable. Make your mistakes, make them fast, and learn from them. In my last job, they gave me the nickname “Red Button Guy” because I always tried things first instead of asking. I learned so much more that way, it's so much better than endlessly talking things through beforehand.

Online advertising is often considered annoying. How does eBay Kleinanzeigen counter this response? What challenges do we need to face?

Our goal is to create value-added advertising for our users, both in terms of content and also in terms of how it is perceived without making people annoyed as they're surfing on eBay Kleinanzeigen. If we manage to use advertising to meet the needs of a user, then it’s a job well done. Over the past few years, we've focused our resources mainly on providing a fantastic advertising experience on eBay Kleinanzeigen.

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