Interview with Clarissa Möller

You don't necessarily have to follow a straight career path to be good at your job. Clarissa Möller, our Business Development Manager, knows that very well. Here, she shares her experience of how change and failure can be useful opportunities to learn.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

As a child, I thought it would be pretty cool to become a pilot – at least they got to wear fancy outfits and sunglasses. But fortunately, I followed my passion for creativity and design after school and started my professional career by becoming a graphic designer. I would have been too shortsighted to be a pilot anyway...

What was the last thing you bought/sold on eBay Kleinanzeigen?

The last thing I sold was a bulky blue sofa bed. A nice young couple bought it and managed to carry it out of my apartment and down three floors to their car. I still feel like I should have given them some money instead of taking it from them. Even though it’s no longer surprising, I just love how easy and fast it is to give away or sell things on our platform. Things that have no more value for me can easily find a new or second home and bring joy and value to someone else – sometimes within hours!

What inspires you?

I am a huge lover of movies, music and art – this is where I get my personal daily inspiration from. Movies especially are a great and underestimated way to change your point of view or learn about different cultures. Of course, I also love exploring through travelling – but I prefer a Wong Kar-wai movie to a standard 48-hour weekend trip to Barcelona.

On a professional level, I get inspired by working in a team with driven and diverse colleagues who work in a professional manner but also don’t take themselves too seriously. In my opinion, having fun as a team is key – just like respecting one another and valuing each other’s point of view. I also love working in an open-minded environment with flat hierarchies and cross-functional teams. This can sometimes be a bit challenging because you have to include and consider different perspectives, but in my opinion, teams and companies can only benefit from that.

What learnings have helped you grow and develop the skills that you need for your current role?

Staying curious and open to change in general helped me grow into my current position. My day-to-day work in my first job as a graphic designer felt more “specific”, but with each change in position I got the chance to broaden my perspective and to extend my knowledge and skills in different areas. That’s how I learned that I am more of a generalist than a specialist. One of the best parts of business development is that you get to see the bigger picture; you have a bird’s-eye view of the business and can see how different functions and areas are connected with each other. I also experienced some bumps in the road during my career – probably like most of us did. Looking back, I’m glad I experienced every single one of them, even if the situations themselves might have been uncomfortable. These are the moments where we grow the most and learn about ourselves and what we want and don’t want in the future. Understanding change and failure as a chance and as an opportunity to learn helped me in my personal development and in my daily work at eBay Kleinanzeigen. I love that this is also reflected in one of our cultural values: “We succeed, fail and learn together.”

We are lucky to have so many strong women like you influencing our business. How does eBay Kleinanzeigen support you/women in general in your/their career?

I feel proud to be working at a company that is focused on developing women in the workplace, and which is investing so many resources into empowering women. We are given the chance to attend so many speaker series, events and workshops where women can develop their professional or personal skills and strengths, for instance learning how to negotiate or how to become financially independent. But I think what’s even more important is the fact that values such as gender equality and diversity are already practiced in the workplace. One big reason for our success as a company comes from the fact that we have a good gender balance in most of the teams – and also in leadership positions. This means that we as women can empower and support each other, which is key in my opinion. I guess we often expect this to be the standard or reality in company cultures in 2021, but when I talk to female friends, I often get reminded that is still not the case.

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