Interview with Amir Tanne

Coming all the way from Tel Aviv, our Senior UX/UI Designer Amir continuously improves our eBay Kleinanzeigen app's and desktop's design. While doing so, he knows that there is no learning without making mistakes from time to time. In this interview, he is also explaining the challenges he is facing when creating a design that suites a wide range of different users.

What did you want to become when you were a child?

As a child I wanted to be a pilot, I loved the idea of seeing the world, traveling to new cities and getting to know new people. Sadly, I lost most of my sight in my right eye, so I wasn't able to pursue it. Later in school I discovered my liking for design and my love of programming. I started building websites at the age of 13 and later, after my army service, I studied interactive design.

What did you last buy/sell on eBay Kleinanzeigen?

I bought a nice tripod lamp with brass legs and a black hemisphere lamp shade. It's one of the lamps I love the most. When I moved to my current apartment few years ago, I sold a lot of stuff I didn't want to throw away but that I also didn't need anymore. That covered the cost of the moving company.

What have you learned at eBay Kleinanzeigen?

Working at eBay Kleinanzeigen has taught me how to see a product as a whole unified experience, prioritizing the topics I am responsible for and at the same time maximizing the impact that we can deliver to our users. We are always aiming as high as we can, providing a guiding star that will serve the people who need eBay Kleinanzeigen, always having our users’ needs in mind, and then we break down the tasks into smaller ones to be able to deliver what users want from us. It’s in our DNA to test, ask, experiment and share thoughts between each other and with our users, therefore we have to stay agile and flexible.

For me, feedback is…

...a necessary tool if you want to work in a team. It is very important to have one goal for everybody to work towards. The feedback allows me to understand where I can do better. We work in big cross-functional teams and we always need each other’s feedback to improve, work faster and smarter together. If the feedback is not constructive, it’s demotivating to work on the basis of criticism. For me, it's easier to hear feedback in a direct and nice way to understand the problem and not waste time by going around the problem. Another form of feedback is our users’ feedback, which we collect on a regular basis: we want to see if what we are developing meets our users’ needs and expectations. Before we release a new feature or an update, we perform test sessions with users in house every single time, collecting their ideas and to see if they struggle with it anywhere. The feedback we receive from the users is what has shaped eBay Kleinanzeigen into what it is today.

What motivates you to come to work every day?

eBay Kleinanzeigen is a household name and more than once I’ve seen people on their mobile browsing our app and looking for something new to buy while I’m traveling to work by train in the morning. It always puts a smile on my face and it fills me with joy every time. The amount of influence we have is just unbelievable. We really solve people’s problems, helping them to find what they need or to pass on an item they no longer need to someone else around them. For me, this is everything. We help the community and the environment at the same time, and there is no better feeling than that.

Some people might think our platform is a bit outdated in terms of design, especially desktop. What is your design vision for eBay Kleinanzeigen?

At the end of the day nobody uses eBay Kleinanzeigen just for fun, people are using it because they have a need or a goal in their mind and the platform helps them to achieve it. We are a platform that has a wide range of different users, and we need to design an experience that suits everyone. We try our best to design a platform that provides a balance between people who are searching for fashion items, people offering to sell a used computer or people buying an apartment and although the platform might not be at the cutting edge of design, we are constantly working hard on improving the look and feel and the user experience, so that our users can always find what they are looking for.

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