Interview with Elsa Dez

Elsa is our CRM Team Lead. She was born in France and is really passionate about her job. Also, she enjoys buying and selling on our platform herself even though she almost became a master thief.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Elsa: As a child, I dreamed of having two part-time jobs. Boredom was not for me: I wanted to be a nun during the day and a thief during the night. There was an anime series on TV ( in which three sisters worked in normal jobs during the day and stole works of art belonging to their father in the night. I thought it would be an exciting mixture of creativity and thrills. Anyway, my job turned out to be an exciting mixture of all sorts of things, too.

What were the last things you bought or sold through eBay Kleinanzeigen?

Elsa: The last things I bought on eBay Kleinanzeigen were sliding curtains: Only €10 for three. That’s what I call a bargain! And I earned almost as much this week when I sold a skirt. I usually try not to hang on to too many things. So I work on the principle of out with the old and in with the new.

Where would you say do your strengths lie?

Elsa: I am very direct. My way of openly and directly addressing matters often means that misunderstandings are soon cleared up. I’m led by curiosity and can quickly warm to new things and new projects. If I find something that awakens my interest, I tend to stick with it to the end.

What do you particularly like about eBay Kleinanzeigen?

Elsa: Apart from the fact that the product matches up to my own, personal values, the people I work with are also very important. At eBay Kleinanzeigen, we are a mixed bag of people with all sorts of different backgrounds. And that means we have a whole load of different strengths and skills. It’s amazingly enriching for us all.

What, in your opinion, is an essential part of the workplace of tomorrow?

Elsa: The way I see it, flexibility is the keyword – we all have different ideas of what our workplace should be like, and fewer and fewer people see a nine-to-five job as a solution that fulfills their personal work-life-balance expectations.

What is so fascinating about the job as a CRM Manager at eBay Kleinanzeigen?

Elsa: Our product satisfies almost all needs our users could ever have. With our communication, we could, in theory, become a lifelong partner of our users: that alone is a fascinating thought. Apart from that, the customer is always at the focus of everything we do. In our work in cross-functional teams, we ensure that we gain a better understanding of what makes our customers tick, which in turn enables us to constantly improve our product and make it even better for them.

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