Christiane is a software developer at eBay Kleinanzeigen. She believes that gender-specific influences during childhood are still responsible for the fact that only a few girls and women opt for the tech sector. If an employee is in a difficult situation, Christiane knows many different ways to help out.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

Christiane: A writer.

Do you think there are any differences in working with men as compared to working with women?

Christiane: Luckily not in my environment.

Please finish the sentence: I support my staff (up-and-coming talent, colleagues, etc.) in difficult situations by…?

Christiane: I take a practical approach to start with insofar as it is possible. Depending on the situation, I also get the people who need to talk to sit around a table together. Otherwise: Listen? Coffee? Chocolate? Beer? Or a mix of all of them generally works.

Do you have a role model? // Do you have a personal motto that drives and motivates you?

Christiane: I don’t have any particular person in mind at the moment but I admire people with energy, optimism, integrity and enthusiasm. I don’t have a catchy motto either but I basically feel I need to make a positive contribution to the world and that’s what I draw my motivation from!

In your opinion, what does the working world of tomorrow need?

Christiane: For me, the top priority is ensuring all employees in all industries receive a wage that secures their livelihood. I’m a supporter of the minimum wage and its further development. In recent years, the focus in the world of work seems to have shifted more and more to “people”: reconciling work and private life, e.g. through individual working time models and occasional working at home, which is good for motivation and productivity – hopefully more and more employers will understand this.

The tech field is the only area at eBay Classifieds that has more men working in it than women. Why do you think this is and how do you cope with it?

Christiane: It hasn’t really been something that I’ve been consciously aware of. Seeing a higher percentage of men was everyday reality when I was studying and in my courses at school, so this isn’t an issue specific to eBay Classifieds. As to the question of why so few women opt for technical professions: I’m afraid too many girls are scared that they won’t be any good in technical fields, but without ever really trying them out. The reasons for this lie to a large extent in the conscious and unconscious stereotypes that we’re confronted with even as very young children, e.g. through gender-specific toys or advertising.

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